Jakarta Election Results: A Very Dark Day

Ahok Djarot, Goutama Bachtiar

(Credit: AhokDjarot.id)

Trying to draw the line further, today’s lessons learned:

1. Politicians will ALWAYS leverage (not only tend to, like what they had also done in the past) religion, race, and ethnicity to hold the constituents tight then later on grabbing their votes.

This is simply because they find them as the easiest, cheapest way to win any election across the country rather than relying on their competence from any perspectives (knowledge, skill, and attitude). Do less for more.

Never mind their competitiveness nor their so called programs – Does anyone really care? Seriously? Even if the society concern about them, the number of these logical individuals might be pretty limited. The majority of the voters’ mind share and heart share will be driven by religious considerations to whatever direction the candidate desires or wants.

If this way works in the capital city, then it shall also be successful in other cities and provinces. Geezzz…

2. The democracy, for the country struggling with it since 1998 (let alone the Old and New Order regime), is VERY costly. An arm and a leg. Both financially and non-financially. Conservative mindset, low Human Development Index have put more weight on the government’s shoulder for ages. Ouch.

3. Heading to other elections in the future, West Java Governor and 2019 presidential contests, at large, Indonesia’s economic growth, if other factors remain constant whilst similar noise occurs and wastes so much space and energy, may be staggering around 5% or worse below than that.

Why? Ever since Ahok’s saga, the discussion on the economic package has no room (harshly saying ‘stop’) during the cabinet meeting. Around October last year. I heard this story from a political and investment expert in his general lecture a few weeks ago.

Down the road, I hope I’m totally wrong. Or someone feels free to wake me up when I’m proven wrong, please…


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