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Wildlife Playground at the Eastern Java

Savana #2Hope you’re able to spot two of them in this picture.

You could meet one of Indonesia endangered species Javanese bull (Bos Javanicus) inside this 80-hectares Savannah located around 2km from Rawa Bendo gate. More than 30 wild bulls live there ever since Alas Purwo National Park was opened in 1992. Besides them, do expect to witness deer, peacock, and coyote around.

They usually show up in the morning between 6 AM to 9 AM and in the evening from 3.30PM until 5 PM local time in the search for plants.

Savana #8
Another view of the savannah from the tower taken at 12.30 PM.

Be mindful to bring your camera along with telephoto lens if you wanna catch up those faunas as the distance between the two-floored monitoring tower is quite a shot. One of telecommunication operators works here is Indosat. Never mind XL.

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